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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Same day deliveries are handled like this.

-Order must be placed by 7am PST for delivery the same day.
-Order must not include any alcohol
-Same day deliveries are only made on Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday
-We do not offer same day delivery on Thursday - Friday - Saturday
-Same day deliveries are not available from November 20th thru January 2nd
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I would like to have a gift delivered to a Las Vegas Hotel, Can you do this?
We deliver to all hotels both on and off the strip daily. Delivery fees will apply. When you place your order, please give us the name of the person who the room is registered to and the day they will arrive. We will make sure the gift is there when they check in. All gifts all delivered to either the bell desk, concierge or the front check-in. The hotel will notify the guest that there is a gift for them to pick up. We cannot deliver directly to the guests room. Deliveries are made Monday thru Sunday. We are closed on all major holidays.
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What are your local Las Vegas hand delivery fees?
Our local Las Vegas and surrounding area delivery fees range from $15 to $25 and are based on the delivery zip code. Strip Hotel deliveries are $15 and Downtown Las Vegas Hotel deliveries are $20 to $25. These rates also apply to business office locations as well as some residential locations. We charge by the stop no matter how many gifts we deliver to one location.
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When will the hotel guest receive their gift?
Since we use a courier service to deliver our gifts we cannot give you a specific time when your gift will be delivered; nor can a specific time for delivery be requested.

All deliveries start at 3pm. This is check-in time at most hotels. All gifts are delivered by 5pm during the week. Later deliveries may occur during the weekend.
Business locations are always delivered first in the day.

Gifts will be delivered directly to the bell desk or front check-in desk depending on delivery location. Your gift will be held there until the guest contacts them for instructions.
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Can you hand deliver alcohol (Beer, Wine or Champagne)?
All gifts that contain alcohol (Beer, Wine or Champagne) are delivered via couier service. We are in the process of obtaining our liquor license in Henderson where it is legal to sell alcohol in gift baskets. Until we have our license, we will continue to use an outside source for all alcohol gifts.
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Do you offer balloons as an add-on to your gifts?
Yes, we can add balloons to any gift that we hand deliver. Gifts that must be shipped do not qualify for a balloon add-on.
If you would like to add balloons to a gift you must contact us as there will be an additional charge for balloons.
18" to 20" Mylar Balloons are $6.00 each
Balloon Bouquets of 3 balloons are $16.00
Balloon Bouquets of 5 balloons are $25.00
Various themes and holiday balloons are available.
Balloons bouquets are a mix of one themed balloon and matching solid colors and shapes.
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Does Distinct Impressions deliver gifts directly to the hotel room?
No, all gifts are delivered to the bell desk, guest services desk or front desk (each property is different) The hotel makes arrangements to get your gift to the guest. We are not allowed up to the rooms without a guest room key.
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What if I don't know the guests room number?
We ask for a room number during the ordering process only because it helps the hotel when we deliver your gift. Keep in mind, a room number is NOT necessary to place your order if you do not have one.
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HELP!!! My friend said they never received their gift. What happened?
This does happen occasionally, but very rarely.

#1 If the gift was delivered before the guest had checked in, the hotel will make a note in their computer system that they have a gift for them. Once the guest has checked in they will be instructed to visit the bell desk where they can pick up their gift with I.D. or they can call the bell desk from their room and a bellman can bring it up. The gift will be in the name of the registered guest which may or may not be the gift recipient.

#2 If the gift was delivered to a guest that has already checked in to their room the hotel will call the room. If the guest answers, a bellman can bring the gift to them. If there is no answer in the room a message will be left on the room phone. It is the sole responsibility for the guest to pick up the message to obtain further instructions, this is why we ask you to let the guest know that you are sending them a gift so that they can expect it. We know that gifts are meant to be a surprise, but Las Vegas is a VERY busy town and people do not stay in their rooms much, so it is very important to let them know you've sent them something so that they don't check-out before receiving their gift.

#3 If the guest waits until they return home to let you know they never received their gift, there is nothing we can do about that. If the hotel contacts us that a gift was never picked up and record shows they made several calls to the room and phone calls were not returned we will retrieve the gift and issue a refund for the amount of the gift less 45% of the cost value of the gift ONLY. (This covers the cost to pick-up the gift and any loss to food or contents) Tax and delivery fees are non-refundable. If the hotel has no record of the gift being left behind and can show it was picked up a refund will NOT be issued.

#4 We are not allowed to deliver gifts directly to the rooms, all room deliveries are made by hotel personnel. They also do not make multiple attempts to deliver so the guest knowing ahead of time that something is being sent to them can take steps to receive your gift.
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Can my gift be placed in the hotel room so it is there when they walk in?
Actually, no.
Rooms are assigned to a guest upon check-in at the hotel, so there isn't a room for the gift to be placed in until they are given one.
Hotels will not do this for a number of reasons, mainly because rooms can change and the gift could possibly be left in an empty room or a room that has been assigned to another guest.
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Why was the gift I ordered different than pictured on the website?
We understand the importance of "Getting the design" you pay for; however, as with every other gift basket website on the internet sometimes substitutions and changes made to a design are inevitable. This includes both the container and the contents.

We always try to create the gift as closely as possible to the design pictured on the website.
If you order a design from us that was materially different than pictured, we do apologize, but keep in mind that items are replaced with product of equal or greater value.
We do state on our product pages that: Container and Contents are subject to change due to availability.

If a gift includes a certain item that the gift is being purchased for, we always suggest that you contact to us prior to placing your order to inquire if that item will be included. We do aim to please and will try very hard to meet your product requests within reason.

When a design substitution happens we cannot issue a refund simply because the gift was not as pictured.
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Product Freshness, Taste and Selection.
All the items in each of our beautiful designs are hand-picked from only the best.
Occasionally, but very rarely do we receive product feedback. However, it does happen that a person did not care for an item in one of our designs.
We use only the freshest of products, they are never expired, out of date or stale. We maintain very strict quality control so therefore, each and every item that goes into one of our designs has been tested, tasted and does not pass inspection if anything isn't right.

The matter of taste has a lot to do with the person eating the items. They may simply not enjoy the item they received in their gift; but this in no way has anything to do with the product not being fresh. It simply is personal taste.
No refunds will be authorized if the gift recipient says they did not like the items included in their gift.

All products in our design studio are kept in a climate controlled atmosphere. However, during the hot summer months chocolates can arrive soft. This is partly due to some hotels not being able to store the gifts in areas that are climate controlled. This is why our local hotel deliveries start at 3pm. We limit the amount of time the hotel stores the gift before the guest checks in and can receive it ensuring the freshest of items.
Shipping fruit and/or chocolates from April to October is not recommended.
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Do you offer hand delivery to a residence or an apartment complex?
Yes, we can hand deliver your gift to a few select zip codes. However we no longer make residential deliveries to apartment bldgs. or condos unless arrangements can be made to deliver the gift to the property front office.
We can deliver to a time share property or any location where there is a reception desk and someone to sign for the gift.
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What if I need to change or cancel my order?
We cannot make changes to the contents after the order has been placed.
If you need to make changes to the name, delivery date or delivery address we must have that information 24 hours prior to the delivery date.

Cancelling an order after it has been placed must be done prior to 11pm Pacific Time. Orders canceled after that will incur a 30% fee.
Please note: We are unable to cancel or change an order once it has been delivered or shipped.
Please contact us via the Contact Us form and one of our Customer Service agents will assist you.
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Why was my order canceled?
There are several reasons why an order may be canceled. If we cannot deliver your gift to the hotel due to wrong information such as: not being given the correct name of the registered guest or the correct hotel. We will always contact you first prior to your order being cancelled. If we can't get in touch with you before the end of the day we will have no other choice but to cancel your order. We ask all customers to provide as much information as possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

*Hotel Name & Address
*Registered Guests Name (It helps to have a middle initial if the guest has a common name such as John Smith)
*Additional Guests who may be staying in the same room
*Room number if known
*Telephone (Cell Phone) Numbers of the registered guests and/or additional guests

When an order is canceled you will be refunded the cost of the gift ONLY.
We do not refund tax or delivery fees.
In some cases perishable foods will not be refunded.
A restocking fee may apply to all refunds and are at our discretion.
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How do I reach you if I have a question?
We are available to answer questions Monday thru Saturday from 11am to 4:30pm. We do however recommend that you contact us with your questions via e-mail. Please note: We are closed on Sunday, and all major holidays. Please use our Contact Us page to reach us via email. All emails are answered as quickly as possible but please keep in mind, we are located on the West Coast so it may take a few hours to hear back from us if you location is in another time zone.
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Does Distinct Impressions have a retail store?
Distinct Impressions does not currently have any retail store locations at this time, however we do have a commercial property/warehouse. If you are in the local area and wish to pick up your gift, please contact us for an appointment and directions.
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Do you have a catalog?
Yes we do! or you can view all of our available products on our web site located at www.distinct-impressions.com. If you sign up for our online newsletter we will be sure to keep you informed of any specials we are offering as well as our holiday and new items.

If you are a local Hotel/Casino and would like to receive more information such as pricing and available products for local delivery, please use our Contact Us page to reach us via email and a brochure and packet of information will be mailed to you.
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Can I fax my order to you or send it via e-mail?
We try to make ordering as simple as possible. Fax your order to 702-554-9999 or you can use our Contact Us page to reach us via email.

Be sure to include the following:

Your billing address and daytime contact info.
The item you wish to send with the recipients name and address.
Don't forget to include a gift message of 75 characters or less.

Upon receiving your fax or e-mail we will contact you for credit card information.
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How do I know you have received my online order?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your order is received providing your email address is correct.
If you have not received your order confirmation we suggest checking your spam folder.

Please read over the confirmation to make sure all is correct if you notice a mistake please contact us so we are able to make adjustments prior to shipping your order.
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My credit card wasn't charged. Did my order go through?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation after you have placed your order. If you do not receive the order confirmation and you question if your order went through, please contact us and we will look to see if it was accepted and approved.

If your credit card was declined you will receive an email with an explaination as to why. We cannot tell you the exact reason your card was denied, you will have to contact the issuing company/bank for that information.
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