The Original Hangover Kit

The Original Hangover Kit Kup

The ultimate collection of hangover remedies and information. 
 Perfect for parties, special events, birthdays and weddings
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What's In The Kit?
The Hang Over Kit Kup is packed full with real hangover remedies, information and useful hygiene products to help with your recovery. Its compact size makes it easy to take almost anywhere so it's always handy when needed. The following items are included in The Hang Over Kit Kup:
The HangOver Kit Kup

The 22-ounce HangOver Kit Kup contains all the items in the HangOverKit and stores them securely. Made of heavy duty plastic the The HangOver Kit Kup is durable and can be used again and again.  The famous HangOverKit logo is printed on both sides.
Measures: 5-3/4" Tall (9-1/2" tall including straw) 4" Diameter (2-1/2" Diameter at narrow bottom)

The The HangOver Kit Kup includes a straw. You can use the The HangOver Kit Kup to mix powdered drinks like the included electrolyte sports drink.

The The HangOver Kit Kup is also perfect for filling up with water for re-hydration, as well as mixing up a dose of the included Alka-Seltzer® medicine. The HangOver Kit Kup is also semi-transparent so you can see all the contents of the HangOverKit contained inside.
Each The HangOver Kit Kup is manufactured and made in the USA and is BPA Free.

Got an upset stomach?
Nothing sooths and calms
those after-drinking tummy upsets like a good dose of Pepto-Bismol.
Propel Zero Sport Drink Mix
Use the shaker cup to mix up your replenish drink mix to replace carbohydrates, electrolytes and salts. Drinking your sports drink also helps to continue the hydration process and it's tasty too. Flavor: Lemon
Drinkwel®-Multi Vitamin Pack 
Developed by two doctors (specifically for partygoers), Drinkwel is an all-natural multi-vitamin for drinkers.  Take one serving before drinking and a second before bed.
Trojan® Brand Condom
By popular request we can add a premium lubricated condom. Because you can never be too prepared...

Note: Condom can be added to the kit for a small fee.
Alka-Seltzer® - Two Pack
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Millions of people swear by Alka-Seltzer® for relieving even the worst hangover symptoms. Use your shaker cup to mix up a dose of this sweet medicine. Packet has two effervescent tablets.
Bayer® Aspirin - Two Pack 325 mg

Aspirin can relive headaches and reduce the severity of many other hangover symptoms. A packet of two 325 mg tablets is included in your kit. Read all about the scientific details of aspirin and hangovers in our Hangover 101, a copy of which is also included in the kit.


A toothbrush to clean up those teeth and gums. So people won't mind talking with you at close range the next morning. Full adult sized toothbrush.
Colgate® Toothpaste

packet of toothpaste goes with your toothbrush like peanut butter goes with jelly. Let's get your breath freshened up for the new day.
LA Fresh - Travel Wipes
There's a good chance you may not be home or have access to a shower when you rise and shine in the morning. So freshen up with these handy wet towelettes, you'll be glad you have them.
Breath Mint Candies 
With your minty fresh breath it will be like nothing ever happened. Perfect to have when you want to get face to face with someone of interest.
HangOver 101 Information Card
This red printed card may turn out to be the most valuable component of your HangOverKit. The card covers how best to use the items in your kit and much more. We looked high and low for the latest scientific backed hangover research and have summed up all the useful information.

We've also posted all this info
on-line here. You're guaranteed to learn something new, and hopefully you will take these theories and put them into good practice!

HangOver First Aid 911
Because an enjoyable evening should not have to turn into a regrettable one!

The info below is from our "HangOver 101" card included in The Kit. Our goal is to pass along the latest scientific based info on hangover causes and remedies. We hope you learn something new and maybe put it to good use!

Be Safe

Not drinking is the only way to truly prevent a hangover. Under age drinking is illegal and dangerous. Never drink and drive. This kit contains aspirin. Information given here is for entertainment purposes and is not to be considered medical advice.

Always consult your physician before taking any over the counter medications or dietary supplements.


Eat a full meal. Fatty foods eaten before drinking can line the stomach and slow alcohol absorption. Get hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and take a multi-vitamin. DO NOT drink on an empty stomach!
Set The Pace

Your body can comfortably process about one drink an hour.

Try to drink a glass of water to every alcoholic drink consumed to maintain hydration. We even provide the Kup!

Stick with one type of drink, don't mix! If you do feel like trying something different, stick within the same alcohol family.
It's True

Liquor then beer you're in the clear. Beer then liquor you've never been sicker. The carbonation in beer increases the rate of alcohol absorption. Drinking beer before liquor speeds the absorption of these higher alcohol content drinks often leading to trouble.


Eating carbohydrates and starches while drinking can slow alcohol absorption.
In The Clear

Clear drinks like vodka, white wine and light beers have fewer congeners than darker ones. Congeners are a bi-product of fermentation and are widely attributed to hangovers.

Money = Happiness

Expensive alcohols have better filtration than cheaper ones and tend to have fewer congeners. If it's in a plastic bottle beware!

Down The Drain

Alcohol produces chemical changes in the body causing your kidneys to filter out water instead of re-circulating it back into your system. This causes frequent urination and dehydration. You also lose salts, electrolytes, sugars, potassium and water-soluble vitamins including vitamins B and C, all of which contribute to hangover severity.
Bouncing Back

Re-hydrate, water, water, water! Have a sports drink to replace electrolytes and salts. Try to drink three glasses of water to every glass of sports drink. Also take a multi-vitamin to replace nutrients you lost.

A good breakfast can help settle your stomach and replace sugars and salts. Fatty foods are a good idea before drinking but if eaten after they can surprisingly cause more stomach irritation. Eggs are a good choice because they contain cysteine, which eases hangovers. Bananas and fruit juices are also recommended.
Avoid Caffeine

While caffeine many temporarily reduce fatigue and headache, it's a diuretic and will dehydrate you even more. You'll end up feeling even worse when its effects wear off.

When your body metabolizes alcohol, elevated levels of prostaglandin are produced which contribute to hangovers. Aspirin is a prostaglandin inhibitor and can reduce hangover symptoms of headache, nausea and thirst. Alta-Seltzer® also contains aspirin. Pure Aspirin is better than Tylenol, Advil or Aleve. Also avoid Iburprofen such as Motrin.
Sleep Sleep Sleep

Alcohol consumption inhibits your body's glutamine production, which is a natural stimulant. While you try to sleep your body starts over producing glutamine causing restlessness, anxiety and elevated blood pressures.
All of this prevents you from reaching a deep sleep and results in fatigue the next day adding to your hangover. Taking an early nap after re-hydrating the next morning will help tremendously.

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