Business Deliveries

In addition to our local Las Vegas Hotel deliveries, we also service all business locations as well.
Unlike hotel deliveries, business deliveries are much different.

Keep in mind, if you place an order for a business delivery and the zip code is not one we service, your gift will be shipped via a carrier of our choice. Exception for shipping: We cannot ship gifts with fresh fruit or chocolates after April.

After your order has been placed we will call the gift recipient to set up the best time for delivery.  In order to make a business delivery the office must be open and someone must be there to accept the gift. This can be a receptionist or anyone who works at the business.
All gifts containing alcohol MUST be signed for by an adult.


1. Provide a Business Name and Phone Number for gift recipient.
2. Provide a Suite or Floor Number
Provide business hours of operation.
4. Provide an after-hours phone number of the gift recipient such as a cell phone number.

Residential Deliveries

We only make residential hand deliveries to a few select zip codes. Contact us before placing your order for a residential delivery to make sure the zip code is one that we service.
Residential deliveries will also be made during the holidays on Monday and Tuesdays ONLY.
Residential zip code areas we service are 89074, 89052, 89123. UPS or FedEx will handle all other residential areas.

Delivery Information

We understand that when sending a gift you want the person to receive it on a specific day i.e. birthday, anniversary etc...
If we cannot get in touch with the gift recipient and our phone messages are not returned to make arrangements for delivery that day before 5pm we will have to make the delivery when the recipient tells us the best time to do so.  This means your gift may not be delivered on the day you have asked us to make delivery.

Gift containing alcohol must be signed for by an adult 21 or over.
When ordering gifts going to a residence and a hand delivery zip code is not listed, you must choose a shipping method.
We cannot ship gifts with fresh fruit or chocolates after April. Any orders that contain those items that are placed after April will be canceled.

If you have any questions regarding residential or business hand delivery, please contact us!